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GALLINELLA Yellow Notebook – Red Screenprint


There are places out of time and space, beyond the steps and wrinkles of the wind, halfway between the scent of Helichrysum and the Cistus’ white flower.

Non-places, tied by a subtle thread across the seas, like in a take between the stars and earth. Images that evoke gestures that belong to us, lives and smiles protected in a paper album.

Taking inspiration from patterns and details of sardinian tapestries, connecting them with the geometries found in many artisan cultures, the next step was to process them and make design interact with embroidery. The result is the creation of artistic everyday objects in which contemporary design lives with the most authentic and traditional craftsmanship.

Each product is unique and totally handmade.

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Technique: Hand Screen Printing and Handbinding

Materials: Recycled paper 650 grams, 100 grams recycled paper, eco friendly paint, Sardinian wool “La Robbia” dyed with natural colors.

Size: 15 cm x 20 cm (120 pages front / back)

Suggestions: Drawings of the “pavoncella”, found in the Mediterranean area (Sardinia, Spain and Portugal); graphic stylization of Llama, sacred animal in pre-Columbian South American cultures.